Earn Online By These 5 Legit Ways

Can Everyone Make Money Online?

Many people think that making money online is very easy or you can become rich overnight or they see a youtube video or a Facebook post which tells you to click here and earn up to 1000 dollars per day and so they click it and try it out themselves and guess what, they don't earn shit. 

Either they get scammed or they are asked to pay some fees and share a link or so to earn money well guys those are not legit ways to earn money online. The internet is a global village or a whole world where there are a lot of honest people and fake scammers as well so you need to do some research before doing something.

 So that is why today in this article I will give you the five ways that are completely legit and most of them are from google itself from which you can earn money but it will be like a business so you will need to work hard on it and it will take a couple of months to grow just lie a market or a shop. You will not get rich in one day it will take time but after that, you can easily earn money and will start earning passive income. 

5 Best Legit Ways to Start Earning Online

Not everyone can make money online from these 5 ways because you need some skills to do that. Many people who do not have patience can not be a part of these methods or the people who are lazy will also not find success from these methods you will need to get out of your comfort zone and work regularly but after that hard work then you will find the fruit and make a good living out of it. So let's start the list.

So here are 5 legit ways of making money online

1 Affiliate Marketing :

So guys I am starting this list from Affiliate marketing which is a great way of making money by selling products for someone via sharing a link. Almost all the YouTubers and bloggers who are writing some reviews about a product are all doing affiliate marketing and are earning money. Let me explain how.

 In affiliate marketing, you can promote any product of a company or brand by sharing a link that is provided to you and if someone buys that specific product from the link that you shared then you will get some percentage of commission. 

For example a Youtuber is giving you a review of a smartphone and in the end, he will tell you to click the link in the description to buy it. and if some person buys that phone from that line, the Youtuber will earn some commission usually around 3-10% or sometimes, even more, depending on the product. Affiliate marketing is the second most popular way for YouTubers and bloggers to make a living after google ads. If you are a tech reviewer or a blogger who writes articles related to some product I highly suggest you become an affiliate and promote that product at the end of your article or video and place the link over there. 

Affiliate marketing is only recommended for people who have a decent following on social media or who are YouTubers or bloggers. Did you know that all the people that have a Instagram page or Facebook page are also making a living out of it? that is also by affiliate marketing. You might have seen a car page on Instagram or any page.

 You will notice that they are also promoting some products related to their page in the middle of their posts or they have a link in their bio or description. Basically, they are doing affiliate marketing or some brand reaches them out to promote their product on that page in return for money. I also have a car page on my Instagram with over 1200 followers I am not really earning from that right now as I need more followers until a brand reach me out and I will also put affiliate links in my bio of a product related to cars such as polish or tire wax and if someone buys it from my link I will earn money.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing: The Best Affiliate Program

So now that you all know the basics of affiliate marketing, it's time to step up and start promoting. To do that you will need to join an affiliate program. The best way to do that is by signing up for AMAZON ASSOCIATESThis is an affiliate program by amazon.com by which if you sign up then you can select a category of your field and then you will be given a product link which will basically be of a product for sale on Amazon.com and if someone buys that product you will make money. You can transfer the cash from Paypal or bank transfer as well so if you live in a country like Pakistan where Paypal is not available, you can do a bank transfer. 

Amazon affiliate is recommended for anyone who's niche is related to some kind of physical product in it. Such as baby  products, books, toys, tv, etc.. But if your niche doesn't have any of that, then choose a different program.

 Almost all the online shopping platforms provide an affiliate program where you can sign up and promote their products. Even Daraz.pk of Pakistan also provides that and it is called daraz affiliates.. So now that you know how to start affiliate marketing, I hope you will take action and start doing it as soon as you can. and if you want to see more interesting and informative articles please take 1 minute and subscribe to Seekerbay now.  

Amazon Associates
Amazon Associates Home Page

 2 Sell Your Online Courses:

So are you good at making logos or a master of adobe photoshop? or do you know all the tricks to increase SEO? or are you good in any field? did you know that you can make video courses and tutorials related to something such as adobe photoshop or graphic designing and you can sell those courses on different websites from where people buy them? If you are great at making high-quality thumbnails for youtube videos and you can teach people how to do that do you know that you can make detailed videos that explain everything related to that field and then you can sell them? 

This is another great way on how people are making a living you can put up your courses for sale for example $9 or even more. Many people go to youtube first but youtube videos are usually not that detailed so they tend to buy long detailed courses from different websites. 

Udemmy: a famous website to sell and buy courses

Udemmy is one of the popular websites where you can buy or sell courses. On udemmy it is very easy for you to publish courses just sign up and create an account and become a teacher then upload videos and set the price I would recommend setting the lowest price possible till you get a customer after you get some good ratings then you can increase it even up to $20 or more if you like.

There are dozens of courses available on udemmy that you can buy or if you are having troubles in writing the description of your course you can write similar descriptions of what other people offer in their courses.  Not everyone can use this method to make money online as it requires a video and many people are afraid or don't like to get in front of the camera so that is a drawback and you need to be good in a certain skill to teach others related to that skill. 
teach on udemy

There are over 50 million students on udemy and more than 65 languages so you can trust it and payment is guaranteed its not any kind of scam or fraud it is completely legit.
5 Best Legit Ways to Start Earning Online

3 Blogging: Start your own blog!

Blogging is also another great method to make money online. Blogging can take a lot of time and hard work but it is one of the best methods to make money and set up your own online business with minimum investment. In blogging, you have to write articles on your website and once you start getting a good amount of traffic, you can put google ads on your website, and in return google will pay you money in the form of dollars depending on your views. People are making over $1000 per month from this and you can also promote the affiliate products on your blog so in this way, you can earn even more money. 

If you want to choose the best topic for your new blog, check out 5 Profitable Blogging Niches

But blogging requires a lot of time and patience along with hard work and a bit of investment. You will need to buy a domain name first which is usually $10-20 and if you make a website from WordPress you will need to buy hosting as well that can cost you around $3-14 per month or maybe less than that.

Bluehost is one of the best web hosting out there and is so reliable that even WordPress itself recommends it and is on no.1 of their list. Click here to try Bluehost or check out my article " which bluehost plan to choose? "

If you do not believe me that people are making over $1000 dollars easily then you can check their earnings as well for proof. There are different websites available from where you can check the earnings and traffic of different blogs. Siteworthtraffic.com is a great tool that you can use to see that. just type in any name of a website such as TechRadar or technovedant and then it will show you their daily and monthly earnings with traffic stats as well. 

Can Anyone Be a Blogger?  

Well, my answer to that is no. Only the people who have good writing skills and patience along with consistency can find success from blogging. Blogging requires skills you need to learn SEO and basic writing skills. But this is not that big deal as many people can learn it from the biggest free university which is youtube. 

The problem is that the people who can not speak or write good English can have trouble in this field as google prefers to rank English websites more. and people who think that blogging will make you rich in one day will terribly get disappointing because blogging requires patience and time there are millions of bloggers out there and you need to write better content than them only then you will be successful. 

How can you Earn from Blogging?  

Basically, there are two methods to earn from your blog. 

1 Google Adsense or different networks
2 Affiliate marketing

when you start getting a decent amount of traffic on your blog, you can place ads on your website that are provided by Google. Google Adsense is the platform that will put ads on your site related to your topic of the website so in this way when people click on your ads you will earn money from it usually google Adsense pays you around $1-$5 per click depending on the product and where the traffic is coming from.
5 Best Legit Ways to Start Earning Online
The second best method is by putting links of affiliate products in between posts. You can earn a lot of money from affiliate marketing if you have a famous website. For example, if you have a reviews website then you can place links from where people can buy those products in return if someone buys it from your link you will earn a percentage of commission. 

4 Become a Youtuber:

You can also make videos on your field or category that you are good in for example if you are good in-car reviews just make review videos on youtube or if you are an expert in web development then you can teach people on your youtube channel and when you reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, then you can put ads in the middle of your videos and earn money.

 Those ads will be provided by google AdSense of course. Just like blogging, Youtube also requires time to grow and not everyone can do that.  Just like blogging people are also earning thousands of dollars per month who have a decent amount of subscribers. You can check out the earnings of different channels from Social Blade   

The drawback of YouTubing is that in countries like Pakistan, India, or the middle east countries the ad rates are very low and YouTubers do not make a lot of money for example: If a YouTuber gets 500k views from US or rich countries then he will make over $5000 from that one video but in Pakistan, the ad rate is very low and you will only earn up to $230 from that one video if you get views from Pakistan or India. So do keep that in mind if your language is not English

5 Best Legit Ways to Start Earning Online

5 Write Articles for Different websites or people

If you don't want to make your own website the other good thing that you can do is simply write articles for others. You will find a lot of websites that will pay you for writing good articles. Hubpages is a great website on which you can write articles of your choice and they will put relevant ads in those articles and in return you can make money if your article ranks in google. Hubpages is guaranteed for paying you they are a legit company and there are thousands of people earning from it you will find payment proofs of different people as well on HubPages. 

write on hubpages

The second best thing is Facebook. You can join different Facebook pages on which people will upload a post saying that they need an article writer related to a certain field so you can inbox them that you are a good writer and send them a post or article for the sake of example or if you already have a website then you can sen him its link to show him as an example of your skills. then there will be chances of you being hired and getting paid depending on the article. 

Bonus: Print On Demand

Another great method of making money online is by selling your artwork on print on demand sites such as Redbubble. These sites will allow you to put the artwork u for sale on different prooducts like mugs, T-Shirts, sticker, and much more.

To learn more about Print On Demand, you can check out this Step-By-Step-Guide to make money with Print On Demand, which is written by me on a friend's blog. Or if you have some experiene in this feld thne check out 6 tips to increse sales with Redbubble

So there you have it guys, these were some 5 legit mking money online ideas that will surely work for you if you put in the work. I think the easiest one is to go for Print on demand. But you obviously have your own preference so choose anyone of them.

If you found this article helpful then please leave a comment below or maybe share this with your friends who are intersted in making money online. 

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