Basic SEO Settings For Blogger: The Initial Things New Bloggers Must Do

So a lot of the times when a person creates a new blog they just think that you have to write some posts and that's it but they forget about all the basic initial and very important Basic SEO settings and then when there post does not rank they give up on their blog and stop working on it. So today I will teach you the Most Important SEO settings that you should do right after you create your blog.

Initial Things New Bloggers Must Do
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Basic SEO Settings For Blogger:

SO right after you make your blog you want to publish 3 very important pages because you need to have those for the basic SEO settings to work. 
1 About Us
2Contact Us
3 Privacy Policy
So now that you have done that here are the basic settings that you must do.

1 Use Google Search Console:

You can add your website in google search console by opening google search console and when you do that a pop up will appear  which will tell you to add your link and verify the ownership of your website. Mostly it will automatically verify that but there are still some chances that you will have to manually verify it to do that you need to copy a code that they have provided and then you have to put it under the <Head section of your blog in the html if you can't do that then copy a CNAME code and paste it in the DNS settings of your domain and after doing that your ownership will be verified in no time. 

2 Submit the Sitemap:

After the 1st step now you want to generate an xml sitemap for your blog and put it in the settings of blogger and google search console as well. First go to xml sitemap for blogger. and then paste your blogs URL in it. Then it will show you some code you have to copy all of it from User Agent and then open the blogger settings then click search preferences and then open Custom robots.txt. and paste that code in their. Now you have to open googl search console again and click sitemap then click on add sitemap and you will find a bare which shows the URL of your site. You have to type Sitemap.xml on that bar then click add. After that it will be added successfully in a minute or two. 

Initial Things New Bloggers Must Do

3 Add Meta Description and Custom robots Header tags:

Now that you have done the upper 2 steps, its time for the next one. Open blogger settings go to search preferences and click Meta Description. Adding meta description is very important for Basic SEO Settings. This is basically the description which will appear under your title in google. So make sure that the description is nice and normal in size not too long not too short. Make sure to add keywords as well which are related to your blog to make the description SEO friendly. 
After adding the description now you have to click custom robots header tags under the crawling section. Now fill in the bullets very carefully just as shown in the picture. Once again im repeating that be careful and fill it carefully.
  • all
  • nodp
  • noindex
  • nodp
  • all
  • nodp
Initial Things New Bloggers Must Do

 4 Buy a domain related to your blog:

So guys most of the people come to blogger create their own blog work very hard on it but do not buy a custom domain and they think that now my posts will start ranking on google but im here to tell you that google does not prefer to rank free domains such as .blogspot ones . Im not sayying that they can't get ranked but it is very difficult and they willl only rank in a rare topic that is not widely available on google. So I would highly suggest you to buy a custom domain especially a .com one because domains with .com extension are the kings. Buying adomain is easy but finding the right one and the one with good value can be a bit frustrating. You will find that most of the names that you want are unavailable because many other people also have bought that so it can be hard to find the perfect domain for your blog. I would suggest you to go for a 2 word domain. Because they are short and easy to remember. If you can try to find a domain which is related to your blog but that can be hard as a lot of the names will not be available. 

Where to find a Domain?

You can buy a domain name from anywhere you like it does not matter. But the best domain registrars are Godaddy and Namecheap I would suggest Godaddy they are the worlds number 1 domain provider and its interface is also very easy and user friendly. If you already have a domain then all you need to do is just link it with your blog. It is very easy to link a domain with blogger just open the settings of blogger then in basic click add custom domain and enter its url. Then an error will appear simply copy the codes given below and past them in the DNS settings of your domain registrar such as go daddy. Then within couple of seconds your domain will be connected.

5. Search Description and Use Of Keywords:

After doing all the things you have to write SEO friendly articles or posts. To do that you have to use high value keywords. For example if your keyword is Headphones then you have to pick a heading or title which contains something related to headphones. You can also use keyword research tools like keywordkeg to help you find high value keywords with loew competition. You can use the keyword that you want to target your post on once ot twice in a paragrah or heading. The keyword must be used in the first paragraph and the title of the post and try to make the first word a keyword if you can. 
One last thing that you should do is to add a nice search description in the post settings. Try to use the targeted keyword in the description to make it SEO friendly and explain point to point what the article is about.

SEO Checker Tools:

After you apply all of these methods and keeping on posting these articles daily, you can improve your blog in terms of SEO and get free tips and SEO score as well which will determine the performance of your  blog. This can be very helpful if you want to keep on upgrading your website and ranking it. Tools like  seobility are available that will give you the SEO score and detailed tips to increase your blogs performance for free so do check that out.

So that is it guys for this article I hope you learned something good and important today and if this helped you please leave a comment and consider subscribing us.

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