How Can a Teenager Make Money Online : Make Passive Income

How Can a Teenager Make Money Online :

One of the most frequently asked uestions for young entrepreneurs is "How Can a Teenager Make Money Online ". The biggest reason of this question in the first place is that almost all the opportunities to make online income require a paypal account and teenagers usually don't have that because they are usually 3-18 years old and you can't make a paypal account unless you are above 18. I can truly understand your pain that is why I am writing this informative article. I will give you the best ways from which you will generate a good income (usually over $500) or even more and you only need a bank account or a payoneer account. You can take the bank account of your parents and the reason why I said Payoneer is because not all the bank accounts of the world will be supported for that but payoneer will give you a US bank account as well so you only need to create a payoneer account it works for all banks and then you'll be able to receive money.  All of these methods will require you to do hard work consistently for a couple months but after doing hard work once then you will make passive income meaning that you will be able to make money even when you are sleeping or on a beach and chilling out. The most important thing about these methods is consistency and hard work.

Passive Income sources for Teenagers

Can Everyone Make Money Online?

Many people think that making money online is very easy or you can become rich overnight or they see a youtube video or a facebook post which tells you to click here and earn upto 1000 dollars per day and so they click it and try it out themselves and guess what , they don't earn shit. Either they get scammed or they are asked to pay some fees and share a link or so to earn money well guys those are not legit ways to earn money online. The internet is a global village or a whole world where there are alot of honest people and fake scammers as well so you need to do some research before doing something. So that is why today in this article I will give you the best ways that are completely legit and most of them are from google itself from which you can earn money but it will be like a business so you will need to work hard on it and it will take couple of months to grow just lie a market or a shop. You will not get rich in one day it will take time but after that you can easily earn money and will start earning passive income.

1. Print On Demand:

I absolutely 100% recommend every single person out there who wants to start making money and join the online entrepreneurship to start his/her own print on demand business. Basically in print on demand you can create designs on different websites and those designs can be added on different products such as T-Shirts,Mugs,Phone Cases,Hoodies and all sorts of cool stuff. The websites on which you add these designs will make a digital model of that product on your store which will show people how the product will look in real life and if someone buys the product of your store, then the product will be made in their factory and will be shipped to the customers house by the website. You only need to worry about the designs and marketing. Another cool part is that the best 3 websites out there 1.Merch By AAmazon, 2. Teespring,3.Redbubble all of these 3 companies will provide their own marketing for your poducts and teespring will do even more marketing including email marketing but only if you get the first few sales yourself. You can boost up the sales of your Print On Demand Business By creating a social media page. Instagram is recommended by me as it is the most user friendly platform and gets the most traffic per day. 
When you add a lot of designs and products on your store (hundreds) then you will see even more sales per day and it will be like a snowball effect and you will start earning passive income. The best part is that it requires creativity and all the teenagers are the most creative people in the world so you can create your own unique designs related to a field and make money. You do not even need a paypal account to receive money. You can simply choose payoneer as the payment option and as I mentioned above Payoneer acount can be created in minutes! and you can start receiving online money from anywhere in the globe!
Blogging is such a vast and profitable field that it open 2 BIG gateways for generating money. Blogs are basically websites on which people write their own articles of some sort or reviews of products and stories and lifestyle. But all the famous blogs that you all visit once or twice a week or per day even are making thousands of dollars per day! techradar is a great website which is making over 2 thousand dollars per day! technovedant is another great blog which is not that popular but is still making about 1 thousand dollars per month!  and if you font believe me then you can see it for your self siteworthtraffic is a great tool to check out the earnings and worth of a blog or website. 

Start Blogging

But blogging requires a lot of time and patience along with consistency because there are thousands of bloggers out there who are ranking on google so you need to write good quality content and make it better than your competitors. 

Can Anyone Be a Blogger?  

Well my answer to that is no. Only the people who have good writing skills and patience along with consistency can find success from blogging. Blogging requires skills you need to learn SEO and basic writing skills. But this is not that big deal as many people can learn it from the biggest free university which is youtube. The problem is that the people who can not speak or write good english can have trouble in this field as google prefers to rank english websites more. and people who think that blogging will make you rich in one day will terribly get disappointing because blogging requires patience and time there are millions of bloggers out their and you need to write better content than them only then you will be successful.  

SEO Optimization

SEO optimization is a term used for managing and making your blog as search engine friendly as possible by adding keywords and writing content related to the topics that have high search volume but low competition. By doing this your website will start ranking on google or search engines because they can not rank every single website out there. SEO is the most crucial part of blogging as it can take a lot of practice to optimize your blog the perfect way. 

Must Do Basic SEO tips and Settings for Blogger
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How can you Earn from Blogging?  

Basically there are two methods to earn from your blog. 
1 Google Adsense or different adnetworks
2 Affiliate marketing
Blogging is such a vast platform that you can earn a lot of money once you start to see good traffic per ay (more than 1k p/day) Once you start seeing those figures it is suggested that you should put google ads on your blog or you can join any other ad network. Those ad networks will pay you for placing ads on your site and the pricing is usually $1 for per 2000 or 1000 views. If you look at these numbers they are not bad because a normal blog which is ranking on goole usually gets 7k to 10k views per day and you can make about 800-1k dollars per month from that easily just by placing ads.
The other most popular method for earning from a blog is affiliate marketing. Basically you can put a link of some product in between your post and say buy this from here and if someone buys that product from your link then you will get a commission. Affiliate marketing is very helpful especially if you have a review website where you do different reviews of products etc.. and people will buy those products for sure if you are getting good traffic.

Payment Methods For Blogging

Googl AdSense will pay you in the form of checks or the best way to do that is by wire transfer so even if you are a teenager, you can still use your parents bank account to get paid by google and this is the same for youtube as well.

3. Start a Youtube Channel!

Youtubing is very similar to blogging but the only biggest difference is that you make videos instead of writing long detailed articles and you have to do less SEO for that. Youtubing is also a vast platform for earning money. Just like blogging you can earn from ads which will only be provided by google (google adsense) and Affiliate marketing. Youtubing is very slow and requires even more time than blogging it can take upto a year or ywo to reach a respectable number of subscribers. Once you get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time you can place google ads in between videos and in this way you will make money. The other thing that will generate income is Affiliate marketing. Just like blogging, you can recommend a product to someone and put its link in the description and tell your audience to buy it from the link below then you will make a commission if you get a sale. 
The ad rate of youtube is lower than blogging you will earn maybe 0.01 dollars depending on your location per 1000 views. 

What I Suggest To Grow on Youtube:

Growing on youube is the most difficult part because it can take months to get say 300-400 views on one video and you will have to spend a lot of time waiting for getting subscribers. I would suggest you to do both Blogging as well as youtubing and make tutorial videos on a specific niche. I said blogging because you can make videos on the same topics that are on your blog and in this way you will grow on both platforms and if youtubing doesn't work at least you will be generating some income from your blog and not waste your time. You don't even need to show up on a camera instead you can record your laptop or computers home screen instead of your face if you are shy to do that. 
There are a lot of youtubers out there that are making over $1000 per day but all of them grew slowly and took them years to do that. Again to check out their earnings you can use and type in any youtubers channel and it will show you all their earnings. 

4. Affiliate Marketing:

So guys I am starting this list from Affiliate marketing which is a great way of making money by selling products for someone via sharing a link. Almost all the youtubers and bloggers who are writing some reviews about a product are all doing affiliate marketing and are earning money. Let me explain how. In affiliate marketing you can promote any product of a company or brand by sharing a link that is provided to you and if someone buys that specific product from the link that you shared then you will get some percentage of commission. For example: a youtuber is giving you a review of a smartphone and in the end he will tell you to click the link in the description to buy it. and if some person buys that phone from that link, the youtuber will earn some commission usually around 3-10% or sometimes even more depending on the product. Affiliate marketing is the second most popular way for youtubers and bloggers to make a living after google ads. If you are a tech reviewer or a blogger who writes articles related to some product I highly suggest you to become an affiliate and promote that product in the end of your article or video and place the link over there. 
Affiliate marketing is only recommended for the people who have a decent following on social media or who are youtubers or bloggers. Did you know that all the people that have a instagram page or facebook page are also making a living out of it? that is also by affiliate marketing. You might have seen a car page on instagram or any page. You will notice that they are also promoting some products related to their page in the middle of their posts or they have a link in their bio or description. Basically they are doing affiliate marketing or some brand reaches them out to promote their product on that page in return of money. I also have a car page on my intagram with over 1200 followers I am not really earning from that right now as I need more followers until a brand reaches me out and I will also put affiliate links in my bio of a product related to cars such as polish or Tyre wax and if someone buys it from my link I will earn money. You can follow my page as well its called heavy_carz  

How to Start Affiliate Marketing: The Best Affiliate Program

So now that you all know the basics of affiliate marketing, its time to step up and start promoting. To do that you will need to join an affiliate program. The best way to do that is by signing up to AMAZON ASSOCIATES.  This is an affiliate program by by which if you sign up then you can select a category of your field and then you will be given a product link which will basically be of a product for sale on and if someone buys that product you wil make money. You can transfer the cash from paypal or bank transfer as well so if you live in a country like Pakistan where paypal is not available, you can do a bank transfer.  Almost all the online shopping platforms provide an affiliate program where you can sign up and promote their products. Even of Pakistan also provides that and it is called daraz affiliates.. So now that you knoww how to start affiliate marketing, I hope you will take action and start doing it as soon as you can. and if you want to see more interesting and informative articles please take 1 minute and subscribe to seekerbay now.
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What I Suggest To Start First:

Guys now that this article is wrapping up I woud like to tell you what I suggest you to do. The number one thing for me is your own merch (print on demand) because almost anyone can start making there own designs. It is very simple to make good designs. You can use tools like Canva to make them for free and then upload them on the websites on which you have your store. You only need to work a couple months till you start seeing your sales and your brand gets big on instagram after that you will start seeing sales per day and will earn passive income because even if you completely quit working on your brand, you will still get sales from your instagram page and the website on which you have your store.
The econd thing that I suggest is blogging but blogging is a whole new journey in which you will learn more and more as you grow. It can take a lot of time to grow as well but it is very priftable and if luck is walking with you then you will blow your bank account with cash. But tht can take months and even years of hard work and patience because driving traffic to your blog can be the most frustrating part about it.

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