Backlinks complete guide for wordpress and blogger. DETAILED GUIIDE

Backlinks complete guide for wordpress and blogger

Backlinks complete guide for wordpress and blogger.

Read this article properly to know How to make do follow backlinks and 15+easiest ways to make backlinks.
Backlinks play a very important role in the ranking of our article and seo.If your content is evergreen but you do not have high quality do follow backlinks then google search engine will not help you to rank.
To make it easier for you I had divided this article into 4 parts:
Part 1:What are backlinks?No follow backlinks|Do follow backlinks|How backlinks helps your article to get rank in google|Which things plays a major role to rank any article.
Part 2:Different ways to make backlinks.
Part 3:Websites that will give you do follow backlinks and help you to increase DA without guest posting.An amazing trick to get backlink 100 % proof..
Part 4:Answerd the different types of questions which are frequently asked.
So let's start.
Part 1

What are backlinks?

Many newbies get confused when name of backlinks come.Basically backlink is nothing but If any other website efers you then you get a do follow backlink and If you refer some website through your website or blog then they get do follow backlink.

What are high quality backlinks?

If you get do follow from other site whose DA,PA,Moz rank,Alexa Rank and backlinks are very high then you get a high quality backlinks.You should try to get backlinks from that site which is related to your niche.
Why backlinks are important and why it plays a major role in ranking of our article and what changes after you get backlinks?
When you start your blog or website,google doesn't know that your website is genuine and you are publishing unique content.But,when other domain and websites which are already ranking in google will refer you then google will start pushing your blog and site.Backlinks from this site will boost your traffic and will help you lot in increasing your Domain authority and page authority.
Part 2:
There are many ways to make backlinks,we will be discussing few of them
1.Paid promotion,advertisment and marketing.
If you are having money to invest then you can go with above 3 methods.Because,in starting it's very tough to get high quality backlinks so you can go with paid promotion.

2.Guest posting.

This is the one of the brilliant and genuine way to get high quality backlinks.But,for guest posting you will need a meaningful,unique,evergreen content othervise your guest post will be rejected.

3.Social media

If you can't promote your blog or website then try to promote it for free on social media.This will not help you to get backlinks but it will help you to get traffic.
Part 3:

Do follow backlinks without guest posting.

In above image we had mentioned all the website names from which you will be able to get do follow backlinks without guest posting.You can check above website one by one.It will help you sure.

Secret trick.

For eg:You want backlink for your article"Top 10 websites for guest posting"
Go to google and search some keyword related to your article and type blogspot in last.You will get some sites.Open top 5 websites.
Start commenting and give your link of your article.But,don't just copy and paste link because it will not be clickable.Go to online html editor and and first write your comment and then give link.Copy the code from right side..(remove the p tag from both the sides)..then start commenting.From this you will get backlinks for your site.But keep in mind that(on which site you are commenting,it should be genuine)

Part 4:

How to check whether backlink is do follow or no follow?

Right click and select inspect.Then some coding will open in right side if there is no follow tag that means backlink is no follow.If there is no tag that means it has been considered as do follow backlink.

How to check how many backlinks we have?

Search backlink checker in google  and select ahref backlink checker.Paste your url and click on check backlinks,complete the recaptcha box.Then it will show you backlink profile.
You should avoid spam backlinks.It will affect your site,seo and ranking very badly.
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