Guide To Start A Money Making Blog in 2021

How To Start A Blog In 2021

I know you all want to start a blog in 2021 this year and change your life forever (hopefully).
That is exactly why I made this full detailed course type article on how to start a money-making blog in 2021.

Guide To Start A Money Making Blog in 2021

What you'll learn:

From this article, you will learn all the basic information and all the detailed steps of Making Money Blogging from starting the journey of making your first blog to writing articles and making money! 
If you truly are passionate about your work and have a ton of patience, only then you will find the best results because this is not a get rich quick scheme and it will take time and work almost daily or we recommend at least 3 times a week. The more you take care of your crops, the more results you'll get.
  • Basics of blogging 
  • How to make your first blog
  • SEO Guide for beginners
  • Etiquettes of writing a post
  • Getting Traffic 
  • Making Money by Ads and Affiliates
  • Growing your Audience Even More!
    So these were all the things that you will learn and after reading this course, you have to promise me that you'll start your blog today and will never give up. Please tell me in the comment section if you started your first blog today or not and please leave your blogs URL as well I would love to see it and help you make it better for FREE! So guys don't waste any more time lets go!

    Starting Your First Blog:

    So guys starting a blog is not that hard, the only thing that you need is some support and knowledge that will help you get better over time. Blog is like a whole new journey where you will discover more and more things as time passes by so don't worry too much about the fact that you are a complete newbie. 
    Here are the first things that I recommend you to write on a new document before making your new money-making blog.

    1. Pick a Valuable Niche (5-profitable niches)
    2. Buy a domain name related to your blog
    3. Set up a blog with Blogger or WordPress
    4. Make your Blog Attractive
    5.Write your first blog post
    6. Learn the Basics of SEO to implement on your blog

    Now you guys might be thinking if 2021 is a good year to start blogging or not because there is too much saturation right? But guys 2021 is the best year for blogging because now you have more time at home and you can spend more of that on your blogs SEO and content writing and marketing and believe me you will effeminately stand out and rank in google. 
    Let's start the whole process and please make sure to subscribe to us it's for free!

    1. Pick a Good Niche For Blogging:

    Picking a niche is just like choosing the right tires for your car, because the more softer and high quality  they are, the better and safer will your car be. Similarly, in blogging you have to pick a niche that has low competition but more search results, meaning that more people search for it and there are less amount of results. Usually it can be a bit difficult to search for the perfect niches but by using keyword research tools you can actually choose just the perfect niche. These tools will give a rating on how difficult the niche is. I would suggest making a blog on anything with a score of 30 maximum don't choose anything higher than that try to find some niches below 30 because that will be easier to rank and you can do the same thing to write articles on and place keywords in your articles by doing this. Don't worry you'll learn everything about blogging in this article.

    More than 95% of people quit blogging after a couple of months because they don't choose the niche by researching on it and either get into those which have a lot high difficulty such as Tech because there are millions of websites out there related to tech and every single person usually decides to write on tech stuff but guess what happens? They don't get any articles ranked on google due to the SEO difficulty of the articles and usually beginners are not familiar about SEO management of their articles so they get demotivated and unit their journey. That is why I suggest you to pick your niche by doing research first and use keyword tools.

    Some of the best keyword research tools are

    4. Hypersuggest

    All four of these are in my opinion the best tools that you can use. Ubersuggest is absolutely the best one it is completely free and is used by more than 50& of bloggers. The rest of the tools are all free but they will only give about 10-20 results and then you can pay as subscription to get almost unlimited search results. If you have the budget then I would say use hypersuggest they are the best if you really have the budget to pay a monthly fee.

    Even still in 2020 there are a lot of good niches available on which you should start a blog just use these tools to do some research before doing so.  

    Important things to consider when choosing:

    1.See that it has less competition and more volume
    2. Make sure you have the knowledge of that field.
    3. See if it has a good CPC and has affiliates available.
    This is plenty for you now you can pick your topic and start your blog. 

    2. Pick a related Domain name & Hosting For your blog!

    When you make a blog on any platform such as blogger or WordPress, your websites name on the address bar will be ay too long and will say but what we want is a short name for our blog so that people can remember it easily and try to buy one which is relevant to your niche and I recommend buying a .com domain as they are the most valuable and the king of domains.
    You can easily buy domains from or these are the best marketplaces to register a domain name. 

    Bonus tip

    Try to choose a domain that is brandable for example see if your domain can become the next brand lets say my domain is seekerbay right? seekerbay is very short (less than 15 recommended) and is very easy to remember and is not specifically meant for my website. It can be used on wide range of websites such as you can make an E-Book brand on it or anything that contains books, knowledge, business, that kinds of stuff. So this is the example of brandable domains.

    Another example is Think for a moment what do you first understand when you see the word aquahubz? a brand right? a brand or store related to fish products or fish store and all that cool stuff. Get it? I hope I was able to explain to you. 

    Why I am suggesting a short and brand-able name? well simply because lets just say that you for some reason quit blogging, then you can sell your domain name. And domain names which are short and brandable are highly valuable such as my is valued by GoDaddy at 1400 USD. So try your best to choose wisely. Not every domain will be sold instantly but if you work on it and get a little traffic on your site, the domain score will automatically get increased and then you can attract buyers or just simply go to marketplaces such as Godaddy auctions or to sell your domain name and make a ton of money!

    This is definitely a great web hosting company. 

    Once you buy that domain you can link it to your website when you create the blog. I will tell you how to do that don't worry but later in this article because right now you'll get confused if I tell you now.

    3. Set Up Your First Blog/4.Make it attractive

     Now that you have bought your domain name, its time to set up your new money-making blog. There are a lot of platforms out there from which you can create a new blog but Blogger and Wordpress are the 2 best platforms to go with. If you are new to blogging I recommend using blogger to start your journey because it is easy for beginners and you don't need to buy a separate hosting for it because blogger is googles own product so your website is in googles server but wordpress is more of an advanced tool for blogging and you have to pay for it and you also need to buy a separate hosting. Wordpress is recommended only for those who are very professional bloggers and want to take their blog to a next level. My blog is on blogger as it is very user friendly and easy to use. The drawback of blogger is that you can not use plugins to assist you and get better in blogging unlike wordpress. So keep that in mind.

    I will teach you all the things related to Blogger as I recommend it to you all.
    So first of all open and simply click create a new blog and make sure you choose the email ID that you want to use with your blog. I recommend making a new email ID for blogger becuse you will be receiving a lit of new mails every day. After doing that just click create new blog and enter your blogs name that you chose. Now you need to make a url (domain) but that domain will have a subdomain but don't worry we will add our own custom domain that we bought from godaddy later. Then choose a theme that suits you the best. I would recommend choosing anything from Notable theme if you only want to use bloggers free themes otherwise there are ton of themes for free out there that you can get and implement on your blog. Just type in google FREE BLOGGER THEMES and click any website then choose the theme that you like the most.  Download that theme in your PC or MAC and then open it with notepad and copy it then Paste it in the HTML of your blog by deleting the previous theme and pasting the new one. After you paste the theme you'll need to make some changes to it because it will be arranged according to its creator not you. So you'll need to open its HTML again and do some coding but if you are not good at that don't worry just open the instructions of that theme from the website you downloaded it and read it then implement it on your blog. If still its not according to what you want then simply check out some youtube videos of free blogger themes watch those videos because they will show you how to do basic changes in the HTML of that theme. 

    Now that you have done the basics of your blog, lets connect the domain name. Simply open Godaddy & click my domains then go to DNS Management and copy and paste some codes that blogger will give to you. To learn how to do that I recommend watch this youtube video on how to link a domain to blogger godaddy. 

    5. Write Your First Blog Post:

    Now that you have done all the basic steps and have created your first blog, your journey has now begun. Don't get too excited that you have a website and all that because the journey if filled with hurdles and difficulties as blogging requires time and patience along with consistency. You'll need to write at least 4 blog posts per week then you will see traffic getting increased day by day and you also need to do SEO which is called search engine optimization . So i am sure now you will understand what it feels like blogging but if you do this the right way, then I guarantee you that there is nothing stopping you and you will get successful.  
    The first thing that I want you to do is to make three pages that are absolutely necessary 1. About 2. Contact 3. Disclaimer/ Privacy policy. I have told you guys every thing related to these pages in this article BASIC SEO FOR BLOGGERS 

    When you write a post I want you to use keywords in the headings and in between paragraphs. You can use the keywords that you like by using the keyword research tools mentioned above. 
    You can place the keywords just like random words the only difference is that you need to mmake them bold for example: You can see that in the starting of this article I have placed some keywords that are just normal words related to my topic of the article but they are bold and are extremely related to the topic of the article. 

    NOTE :

    • Your Article Should be unique and not copied from anyone.
    • Make sure the images that you use are free to use.
    • try to write more than 500 words I recommend above 1000.
    • After adding an image, click it and open its properties and type in the keywords or the title of that post for better image SEO
    • Add videos if possible 

    Bonus tip to get more viewers:

    I want you to ask your viewers in between posts to subscribe to your website. You can use feedburner to add a subscription button or if you have the budget then use to get a nice pop up subscribe button. Now this will definitely help you to double your traffic because the people who visit your site and subscribe to you, will get notified whenever you upload a new post. In this those people will check your site and then you'll get more views and the more views = more money.

    6. Learn Basics of SEO: 

    So a lot of the times when a person creates a new blog they just think that you have to write some posts and that's it but they forget about all the basic initial and very important SEO setiings and then when there post does not rank they give up on their blog and stop woring on it. So today I will teach you the Most Important SEO settings that you should do right after you create your blog.

    Must Do Basic SEO tips and Settings for Blogger

    image credit: Pxfuel

    Basic SEO Settings For Blogger:

    SO right after you make your blog you want to publish 3 very important pages because you need to have those for the basic SEO settings to work. 

    1 About Us

    2Contact Us

    3 Privacy Policy

    So now that youhave done that here are the basic settings that you must do.

    1 Use Google Search Console:

    You can add your website in google search console by opening google search console and when you do that a pop up will appear  which will tell you to add your link and verify the ownership of your website. Mostly it will automatically verify that but there are still some chances that you will have to manually verify it to do that you need to copy a code that they have provided and then you have to put it under the <Head section of your blog in the html if you can't do that then copy a CNAME code and paste it in the DNS settings of your domain and after doing that your ownership will be verified in no time. 

    2 Submit the Sitemap:

    After the 1st step now you want to generate an xml sitemap for your blog and put it in the settings of blogger and google search console as well. First go to xml sitemap for blogger. and then paste your blogs URL in it. Then it will show you some code you have to copy all of it from User Agent and then open the blogger settings then click search preferences and then open Custom robots.txt. and paste that code in their. Now you have to open googl search console again and click sitemap then click on add sitemap and you will find a bare which shows the URL of your site. You have to type Sitemap.xml on that bar then click add. After that it will be added successfully in a minute or two. 

    XML Sitemap For Bloffer

    3 Add Meta Description and Custom robots Header tags:

    Now that you have done the upper 2 steps, its time for the next one. Open blogger settings go to search preferences and click Meta Description. This is basically the description which will appear under your title in google. So make sure that the description is nice and normal in size not too long not too short. Make sure to add keywords as well which are related to your blog to make the description SEO friendly. 

    After adding the description now you have to click custom robots header tags under the crawling section. Now fill in the bullets very carefully just as shown in the picture. Once again i am repeating that be careful and fill it carefully.

    • all
    • nodp
    • noindex
    • nodp
    • all
    • nodp

    custom robots settings for blogger

     4 Buy a domain related to your blog:

    So guys most of the people come to blogger create their own blog work very hard on it but do not buy a custom domain and they think that now my posts will start ranking on google but i am here to tell you that google does not prefer to rank free domains such as .blogspot ones . Iam not saying that they can't get ranked but it is very difficult and they will only rank in a rare topic that is not widely available on google. So I would highly suggest you to buy a custom domain especially a .com one because domains with .com extension are the kings. Buying a domain is easy but finding the right one and the one with good value can be a bit frustrating. You will find that most of the names that you want are unavailable because many other people also have bought that so it can be hard to find the perfect domain for your blog. I would suggest you to go for a 2 word domain. Because they are short and easy to remember. If you can try to find a domain which is related to your blog but that can be hard as a lot of the names will not be available. 

    Where to find a Domain?

    You can buy a domain name from anywhere you like it does not matter. But the best domain registrars are Godaddy and Namecheap. I would suggest Godaddy they are the worlds number 1 domain provider and its interface is also very easy and user friendly. If you already have a domain then all you need to do is just link it with your blog. It is very easy to link a domain with blogger just open the settings of blogger then in basic click add custom domain and enter its url. Then an error will appear simply copy the codes given below and past them in the DNS settings of your domain registrar such as go daddy. Then within couple of seconds your domain will be connected.

    5 Search Description and Use Of Keywords:

    After doing all the things you have to write SEO friendly articles or posts. To do that you have to use high value keywords. For example if your keyword is Headphones then you have to pick a heading or title which contains something related to headphones. You can also use keyword research tools like keywordkeg to help you find high value keywords with loew competition. You can use the keyword that you want to target your post on once ot twice in a paragrah or heading. The keyword must be used in the first paragraph and the title of the post and try to make the first word a keyword if you can. 

    One last thing that you should do is to add a nice search description in the post settings. Try to use the targeted keyword in the description to make it SEO friendly and explain point to point what the article is about.

    SEO Checker Tools:

    After you apply all of these methods and keeping on posting these articles daily, you can improve your blog in terms of SEO and get free tips and SEO score as well which will determine the performance of your  blog. This can be very helpful if you want to keep on upgrading your website and ranking it. Tools like  seobility are available that will give you the SEO score and detailed tips to increase your blogs performance for free so do check that out.

    So that is it guys for this article I hope you learned something good and important today and if this helped you please leave a comment and consider subscribing us.

    5 ways to make legit online money:

    How to Make Money From Ads & Affiliates:

    Now I know that all of you hve created your first blog. Some of you have started to get decent amount of traffic and want to make money from it right? well it's very simple and easy.

    How To Make Money With a blog in 2020:

    So you want to Make-Money and you heard that blogging is an easy way to generate a couple figures of income right? everyone wants that but its not very easy to just start a blog and get rich quick. There is nothing in the world to get rich quick except for a lottery. It will take some time to grow your blog and start seeing a little traffic and then generating income. If you do it the right way then im sure you will find the results and support your family. 

    Start Blogging

    1. Place Ads On Your Blog!

    This is the most popular way of making money by blogging almost all the blogs use this method. Basically you can place different ads on your site in between posts and on the sidebar etc.. In this way whenever someone clicks the as you will get paid. Believe it or not you don't even need to contact companies yourself Google Adsense is the best platform where you can simply apply for adsense approval and then you can embed a code in your site, google will choose the relevant ads for your blog you simply have to copy and paste a code thats it and if you are getting good traffic then you will surely start seeing income in your bank account ! 

    If for whatever reason google adsense does not come to your liking, there are lots of other ad networks as well such as , Admaven, and much more.. So you can have a peace of mind that if google adsense does not accept your blog then there are lots of other ad networks as well. Just focus on writing good quality content.

    2. Affiliate Marketing :

    Affiliate marketing is the second most popular method to generate quite a lot income from blogs and youtube channels. Basically you earn money by recommending someone a product via a link and if someone buys the product on your recommendation link then you make a small amount of commission. You can promote all kinds of products on your blog by placing their affiliate links no matter if the product is a digital one or a physical one. digital products are usually the ones that are more common but if you have a blog related to phones laptops and all that stuff then you can promote their affiliate links such as from amazon,ebay,aliexpress,etc.. If you have a blog related to business or e commerce then you can promote digital products such as courses ebooks, etc.. 

    Almost all the companies that are selling some sort of product/service are offering affiliate programs. The number 1 company to start of with can be amazon affiliates. In this way you can promote all the amazon products rellated to your niche and if someone buys the item, you will get commission. 

    3. Sell Your Own Products:

    Blogging is a great way to promote your own products for free by simply writing articles about them and guiding your viewers to the buy now page so that they can buy i and by blogging you can get a lot of organicc free traffic but it can require a lot of patience and hardwork as getting traffic can be very difficult if you are a complete beginner and are not familliar with the SEO overall tricks to make your post rank higher so keep that in mind! but if you do make it the right way then you will surely find a lot of success in your blogging journey.


    Popular Questions About Blogging:

    Is Blogging Free? The simple answer to this question iss yes but no. Even if blogging is free but you can't really make much out of it if you dont invest in a domain because google does not prefer to rank free subdomains such as So if you want to make money from your blog then I'd say no it's not free but if you already have a big audience such as on instagram then yeah you can do it for absolutely free as a lot of people are coming from your page.

    Is Blogging Easy? Well Starting a blog is actually very easy but maintaining it , being patient , staying consistent , and trying to learn more is quite difficult for people and blogging is not a get ricch quick scheme, it requires a lot of time (usually 1-2 years ) to make a ton of money.

    Is Blogging a Good Career? I will say that blogging is definatley a good and profitable career to choose but only if you have the guts to stay patient and consistence alon with some hard work. So for those of you who want to get rich quick then please leave and go away because you are going to get drowned in the flood if you enter blogging.
    Now Congratulations! you have created your first blog and have written a nice article. You can tell me in the comments if you need anyhelo in blogging and you can also send me your lnks I will try to help all of you personally.
    This is noot the end of the blogging journey. You will keep on going and learn more and more skills to sail the boat perfectly. But for now I think this is enough and I know you are very tired now so please take a rest and start doing more things with your blog after that! 

    Please comment below and share your thoughts 

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