Content vs Backlinks: Which Should you focus on

backlinks vs content
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Are you wondering again and again in your mind if you should focus on getting backlinks and paid traffic to your blog or writing content? Well today in this article, you will get the information on Content vs Backlinks and paid traffic.

This is a great question that a lot of people ask and try to find its answer by testing all of that themselves. Some people do not have enough budget to use paid ads or buy backlinks so this is why I am answering this question for you.

Content Vs Backlinks

If you are a blogger and want to get a good amount of traffic to make a living, then you have to do both build backlinks and write content as well only then you can get successful. 
But if you have a website with evergreen content, then I highly recommend you to go with backlinks as you don't need to write again and again and backlinks will play an important role in terms of rankings. 

Focus On Content More:

Most of the people are usually bloggers and want to make money from this field so to them I would definitely say keep on writing good quality content along with building some backlinks with related websites and try to make links with high authority sites. The main thing about backlinks is that you should focus more to build high-quality links instead of making a lot of links that are not related to your content and are from low-quality sites. 1 Link from a huge giant is better instead of getting dozens of low-quality ones. Most people only focus on getting links which results in increasing the spam score of your site, not rankings. 
If you are writing 3-4 articles per week along with getting at least 2 backlinks then I guarantee you that your website's rankings will boost up. But please be patient as SEO and backlinks take some time to work. You won't get a thousand visitors in one day right after you make a link. 


In the end, I would say that you should try your best to make content and build backlinks as well and keep the numbers 50-50 because backlinks are made through content, and content is ranked through backlinks. 

I would highly suggest you use the strategy of writing 3-4 articles per week along with making at least 2 backlinks. If you keep on doing this for a couple of months consistently, then I guarantee you that you will be able to rank better on Google and other search engines. 

So this was it guys for today Frequently asked questions. Now I think you have plenty of information about Backlinks vs Content.  

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