Easiest Way To Find High CPC Keywords

You want to write articles with the right keyword targeting, but you must be having trouble finding keywords with just the right CPC and competition. This happens to all bloggers, and today I have brought a solution to this problem. This article will totally help you and give you the Easiest Way To Find High CPC Keywords. 

Easiest Way To Find High CPC Keywords

What Is The Easiest Way To Find High CPC Keywords

The easiest and the most popular way to find high CPC keywords is to use free or paid tools which give you unlimited access to finding just the right keywords with high CPC and low competition. There are free methods as well which are also discussed in this article and I have given you the best tool as well.

You can use tools like Kwfinder, which is definitely great for keyword research and is relatively cheaper than the more popular tool SemRush. Kwfinder will help you to find long-tail keywords with high CPC. This is one of the most accurate tools available in the market today! Try it now.

Advantages of Proper Research

Doing the proper research can help you find and target just the right keywords with high CPC and help you earn more. Targeting keywords is a very healthy activity for blogging as it can make your articles rank and help Google's algorithm to understand your content. But when you use keywords with high CPC, they can make you more money as well. Some blog niches and keywords can even give you a CPC(cost per click) of $50 or more! So that is why it is important to use keywords with high CPC and low competition. Which makes Kwfinder just the perfect tool for achieving this purpose, being one of the most accurate tools in the market, it becomes just the perfect package for any blogger!

Free Method To Find Keywords With High CPC

I understand that not every new blogger can afford to buy awesome tools like that. So there are free methods as well, but obviously, they will be a bit less accurate and you'll only get a limited number of keyword results, usually up to 5 and most free tools won't even show the CPC. 

Ubersuggest is a great free tool for finding keywords with high CPC but if you use it for free, you can only have its an advantage and get about 5 tries in a day only. Which can be problematic for many people.

There are loads of other free tools as well that you can use, but I don't if they would be the most accurate. Instead, another great way is by using Google's own search bar as a keyword tool. When you type a word in google search, it shows you a lot of things that are related to your word and are searched on google. Those are all basically keywords with high search volume. Google. But the biggest drawback with this method is that, you only get to know what people are searching for, it does.t show the search volume,  difficulty, or CPC. 

However, you can use the same strategy mentioned above to find the most related long-tail keywords that people actually want to get answers to. Whenever you type a keyword in the search bar, just scroll down a little bit and you will see a People Also Ask section. Those are all long-tail keywords that people are actually typing in the search bar! Many professional bloggers use this strategy to rank their content for long-tail keywords. Not only that, you can scroll to the end of the page and you'll see a bunch of related words that people search on google. Guess what, you can use those keywords as well in your articles as a minor keyword to make your article most relevant to a specific word searched in google!


If I search in google " Importance of domains " you can see in this picture that google is literally giving you some long tail keywords that are being searched by thousands of others. 

Now simply scroll down to the end of the page and look at the keywords given to you by google itself.

By using this strategy you can find keywords for free but you won't get CPC info or search volume. 

Ubersuggest is definitely a good choice if you don't have a budget to afford paid tools. There is another tool available as well created by a YouTuber h-supertools. This is free of cost tool that gives you keywords, CPC, search volume, difficulty, and much more. But I can't say for sure if it is accurate or not. 


So there you go guys, this was an article that hopefully solved your problem and gave you the Easiest Way To Find High CPC Keywords. If you have the budget, then using Kwfinder can become a blessing for you and will help you solve all the problems regarding keyword research for sure! But if you can't spend some money, then the strategy that I mentioned can turn out great as well.

Now it's your turn to implement these strategies and if possible press that social share button and share this helpful info with your friends, and consider leaving your thoughts below. 

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What tools do you use for keyword research?

KWfinder (Highly Recommended)

Ubersuggest (free+paid)

Explorekeywords (Free)

H-Supertools (Free)

What does a high CPC mean?

It means that advertisers are willing to pay a good amount of money per click for their ads 

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