5 Strategies On How To Rank For Featured Snippets

Winning Google's featured snippets for your content can be a key to driving more traffic to your blog and ranking better. Often times we bloggers think that winning snippets is not very easy and new blogs can't really do that. Due to this, we entirely unknowingly don't even bother to pick up the key to the treasure chest! It takes so much effort to write good and engaging content but if we just utilize those last 10 minutes to optimize our content for snippets, we can get way ahead of others and rank better. So today I'll give you some tips and strategies which tell you how to rank for featured snippets.

how to rank in featured snippets

How To Rank For Featured Snippets

So first of all let me make it very clear to all the people who are saying that you can't do it unless you have a ton of high authority backlinks and stuff. NO, you do not need any of those things to get featured snippets. Anyone who has given the best answer and has the skills to optimize it can make content that wins snippets.

This is the beauty of featured snippets that anyone can rank their content and bring more traffic if he/she has done it correctly.

So here are 5 strategies to Rank In Featured Snippets.

    1. Create Answer Paragraphs

    To rank in featured snippets, answer paragraphs are very important if you want to win a paragraph snippet. Google's algorithm is constantly crawling millions of websites and looking for the best possible answer for a search term. Also, another cool fact is that paragraph snippets cover 82% of all snippets. So now I think you have the idea of how important they are.

    So by creating a paragraph that answers a specific question such as "should I write daily?" you are basically telling Google that this is the answer to that search term. Now keep in mind that it's not only as simple as that, try to give the best possible answer which is not more than 3-4 lines.

    Before giving the answer make sure that you are writing something related to that keyword such as " here are some tips to blog daily" and then give the answer in another paragraph below it. This will help Google figure out that ok so the answer is coming. 

    Another great tip to give the most perfect answer is by looking at the blogs that are already being featured in snippets. I'm not saying that you should copy the, not at all, instead just look at how they have arranged their content in a way that it is quite easy for Google to understand what their content is about and what is it trying to answer. In this way, you'll be able to give a better answer and arrange your content perfectly!

    Here is an example you can see that my best buddies' blog is being ranked for this specific term. You should check out his blog for seeking motivation and self-help! msseek.com

    2. Answering For Long Keywords

    I already told you the way to make an answer paragraph and writing the best possible answer in that but alongside that to rank in featured snippets, if you try to answer a long tail keyword in that paragraph, it will be much easier for your article to rank and win snippets. This is because that long-tail keywords generally have low competition and you can definitely win a snippet for that in a couple of months right after you publish your article. 

    A great example of a long tail keyword is "cheap cars with good interior" or something along those lines deepening on your niche. You can use h-supertools to find keywords for 100% free!.  If you don't know how to do proper keyword research and find high CPC long-tail keywords, then I recommend reading my article on how to find high cpc keywords easily. 

    3. Make Informative Content

    Bare with me. I know this seems obvious but what if I tell you that most bloggers completely ignore this factor, even if they know that. So please read this one it contains some valuable information to rank in featured snippets. 

    Google want's to give its users the most amount of information related to a search phrase. So if you make the content better than others and that add the most amount of information that can be super valuable for users, you'll have a better chance of being ranked on the first page or in the snippets.

     By information, I mean super detailed content that explains everything and gives the answer to the question along with that try to add a YouTube video in the article or your own video from the computer. Adding YouTube videos is completely okay, you won't get any negative impact as long as you are using a YouTube video. This will help you to rank better as Google will know that this article has more informative content than the others.

    Adding a table of content can also improve your user experience for the users, which ultimately means that google will prefer your content. Table of content can help your viewers to navigate the article easily and find what they are looking for. I'm not saying to add it in every single article, instead try to add it in lengthy articles that are detailed guides, etc. If you want to learn how to add a table of content then simply read this article  

    4. Make use of frequently-asked-questions

    Adding a question and answer section in your content can seriously increase the chances of winning featured snippets because of the fact that you are giving a ton of relevant information to your users and as we all know that Google is constantly looking to rank websites that are focusing to give he best information as possible. 

    In this way, your viewers will get the most amount of info and the amount of average time on your site will also get increased.  Simply focus on providing value to your viewers and give answers to questions that are most relevant to your main topic. So it can be a good exercise for ranking in featured snippets.

    5. Write Truly For Humans

    This point is also really important as newbie bloggers completely fail to do this. Usually, when newbies learn something's about on-page SEO and keyword research, they tend to completely ruin their content's purpose and outlook, which is to GIVE ANSWERS FOR SEARCHED PHRASES AND TOPICS. This might seem very obvious but generally, people forget that and stuff their content with keywords and relative phrases which ultimately ruins the user experience, and instead of better rankings, it gives a negative impact. 

    I know that using keywords is the key to tell Google that your topic is related to that specific term but it's also important to keep it clean and do it the right way. My point is that please do not use more keywords in your newer paragraph. That paragraph should sorely focus on giving the answer to the users because you already have used your keyword above that paragraph and google knows what you are trying to say. So please keep the purpose of your answer paragraph just to give the best possible answer. I have seen a lot of people when they have used the same keyword again and again in their answer instead of using it once or maybe twice if you really need to. 

    Here is a perfect example of doing it the right way. You can see that Dirtbikemasters they have used it in a way that it completely answers a person's question and it is also letting google know what they are answering. 


    If you truly want to take your content to a next level and make it error-free then you have to use Grammarly! it is the best writing software that ensures that your content stays free of any kinds of grammar or spelling errors which is definitely worth it as it saves a ton of time for you! The best part is that it is also available for free or you can use the ultimate paid version which is still really cheap and more than 30 million people use it. Try it out today!!

    Conclusion: Snippets are the key to bringing more traffic to anyone!

    So finally this brings us to the last topic, that snippets and will always remain the crucial thing for more traffic to a new blog as you do not need any sort of authoritativeness to be featured in snippets. Almost anyone who has the skills can master this vital part of blogging.

    Just keep on producing high-quality content that is sorely focused to answer questions and give value to users. If you keep on doing it correctly, in a couple of months once your article starts to get ranked, you will surely see that your content is ranking for featured snippets. 

    Hopefully, you understood these strategies and learned the proper way to Rank for featured snippets. Now it's your turn to implement these strategies and if you liked this article please press that social button and share I with your friends who are wanting to learn some blogging tips. It takes no more than 5-10 seconds. 

    Thank you so much for staying on this article till the end. Huge shoutout to you from me and once again make sure to provide value to your users! 

    or watch this helpful video which explains a lot of things related to ranking in featured snippets


    1. What are the different types of featured snippets?

    • Paragraph snippets
    • Numbered list snippets.
    • Bulleted list snippets
    • Table snippets.

    2. What is a featured snippet?

    Featured Snippets are results to a search query that are ranked on top of google, and provide the most suitable answer instantly for the best user experience.

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