5 Profitable Blogging Niches 2021

Hey there bloggers! you want to start a new blog right? then you are probably having trouble choosing the right and the most profitable blogging niches for 2021.

Well, no need to stress out and overthink because I am here for you. This happens to every new blogger. I also couldn't find the best niche and thought about it for more than a week! That was absolutely crazy. I don't want this to happen to you. So today you will see the Blogging Niches That Make Money.


    5 Profitable Blogging Niches 2021

    Is It Important To Choose A Blog Niche?

    Yes, it is very important no doubt! Blogging niche can help you to rank better and write more quality content. These days Google is also looking for blogs that have a specific niche to give its users the best experience. Not only that, but a niche-specific blog can also have the potential to make more money as well. 

    You should pick a niche smartly and see if it has decent competition and if it can make money or not. After all, you are starting a  blog to make money right? so be smart about it and choose a niche that you can write on and can make money with it as well.

    Consider This Before Choosing a Niche!

    Blogging niches are important no doubt but you also have to keep some important things in mind before choosing it. 

    Does It Have Affiliate Support?

    Picking a niche that doesn't have a lot of products associated with it can be bad for your earnings as you will make only half of what you could have earned from a different niche. For example, you need to see if the niche you choose has products related to it. So that you can promote them on your blog by using affiliate networks such as amazon associates. In this way, you'll be able to maximize your revenue.

    Are Advertisers Willing to Pay For Relevant Ads?

    You also have to check out if Advertisers are paying good money for products related to your niche. You can check out the CPC rates by using keyword research tools like KW Finder. On average, you should pick a niche that has keywords of  $2 CPC or more. 

    Does That Niche Have Long Term Content

    Having a website that can rank for years to come is a great blessing. Try as much as you can to make content that is everlasting so that your articles stay on the rankings of Google and other search engines. 

    Now that you know the importance of blogging niches, it is time to give you the 5 Profitable Blogging Niches. 

    This list is completely based on my opinions and is not arranged in a specific order. All niches are profitable and it depends on your choice and capability to write.

    Here are some profitable blogging niches.

     5 Profitable Blogging Niches 2021

    Tech (Product Reviews)

    Making a blog related to tech reviews such as smartphones, etc., can be very profitable but these days there is a lot of competition in it. Almost every single new blogger tries to make a blog related to tech.

    Blogging niches that make money
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    If you really want to pick a tech niche, then let me make it clear that you'll need to write a lot of content almost daily to outrank your competitors. Because these days almost every single day a new smartphone, speaker, etc. shows up in the market and many more leaks also Rome around the internet. So be prepared to write more content otherwise you will not get the best results. My first blog was also related to tech and it failed badly. But if you do it correctly, then you can get a lot of views. 

    Tech blogs also have a great earnings capacity by both Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing especially of Amazon products.

    All in all tech blogs are very profitable but they will require a lot of time and more content every day. I would recommend it to you only if you have the time to write content almost daily and whenever a new leak or news comes around such as apple introducing a new product, you want to write it as quickly as possible to improve your rankings.

    Bonus Tip For Tech Blogs

    If you really want to improve your rankings for a tech blog, then I highly suggest you to make articles based on a specific country. Such as: (Example Smartphone) Review, Price In Netherlands. This will increase the chance of your articles being ranked.

    Travel Blog

    Making a travel blog can also be a great choice and will surely bring a lot of traffic with a decent amount of content and SEO.  

    Blogging niches that make money
    image source pixabay

    You can make it successful by different types of content for travel blogs such as travel stories, things to do, travel guides, best tourist spots for a specific country, etc. Not only that, but a travel blog can also make you a fortune by promoting hotels, camping stuff, restraints, necessary products, etc. 

    Keep in mind that if you are making a travel blog then you will need high-quality photos, which you can get from free websites like pexels or pixabay but if you are writing about your own travel stories, you'll need to upload your own high-quality photos to get the most engagement rate for your blog.

    Baby Products/Baby Care

    The type of blogs that review baby products and care tips also have the potential of making a lot of money and getting traffic. Why? The simple answer is that almost all new fathers, or mother want to take care of their babies as much as they can and give them the best things and diet for their better growth and overall health. This means that there are a ton of daily searches related to the best baby products, the best diet for babies, baby toys, you name it! Because of the high popularity, you can write a lot of quality articles related to this niche.

    Blogging niches that make money
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    You can easily monetize these blogs by using Google AdSense or by using affiliate links that lead to baby products, etc. Then I guarantee you that you can make a lot of money if you do it the right way! You can find a lot of products to promote from Amazon associates. People will not refuse to buy them because the biggest reason is that Amazon is trusted worldwide and is the number 1 online shopping platform.

    The best part is that if you are a mother or father, you know exactly what is best for the health of children and best for their entertainment, which is a great thing if you are blogging. You can give all that valuable information through your blog and you will be more trusted by people when they see in your about section. If you have picked this niche, I wish you good luck and a beautiful blogging journey.

    Digital Marketing

    A digital marketing blog can be very successful and has the potential to make you earn a lot more than your expectations.

    Blogging niches that make money
    image source: pixabay

    Internet is the only place that has always remained open no matter if a virus or a natural disaster happens. During 2020 all businesses faced severe economical problems but e-commerce and online businesses were the ones that had little to no loss at all. Because of this many companies and businesses are desperately trying to get an online presence.

    When a business needs to make an online or physical presence, that is where they need marketing. This is why digital marketing blogs can be so powerful. They are the source from which businesses are running and learning to do proper digital marketing. If you have some experience in this field, you can teach people the art of marketing and get a lot of views.

    Not only that, you can monetize and double your earnings from a digital marketing blog by promoting digital software and products that help in it. You can also make a ton more by offering your own Digital marketing services. Just think about it. If you have a blog with a ton of articles helpful for marketing, if you offer your own services along with it, imagine how many orders can you get.

    Making Money & Online Entrepreneurship

    This brings us to the last and my favorite niche. Teaching people to make money online and learning skills. Since the rise of the internet and technology, a great trend has been seen where people want to make a full-time income and even teenagers are trying to accomplish it. So you can say that there is a lot of traffic here.

    Blogging niches that make money
    image source: pixabay

    You also don't need a lot of content to make your articles rank. Because generally, these topics are everlasting, you will only need to keep them updated and focus more on SEO and marketing. For me, 40% for writing content and 60% for SEO especially making backlinks is more preferable. I am getting the best results from this method. 

    However, make sure that you have experience in these fields because then you will be able to write the highest quality content. In my case, I have a lot of experience with blogging and making money from it and by Print on demand. This is exactly why I write articles about blogging and Print on demand. 

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    So there you go guys, for me, these are the best most profitable blogging niches for 2021 and coming years. All of them are Blogging Niches That Make Money. So you can stay assured that these are great for you. You can choose any one from them depending on your knowledge and experience.  

    I hope that this article would have helped you to choose your niche or at least it would have given you an idea of which type of niche is the best for blogging. If you liked it please try to share it with your friends or leave a comment below. It would mean the world to me.


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