Inspiring Interview With a 13-Year-Old Successful Blogger

 Hey guys, welcome back to Seekerbay. Today I have published a very inspiring interview with a blogger, who is only a 13-year-old boy from Nepal and he is a well experienced successful blogger.

Today I have Pravakar Kr. Singh with me, who is currently running and he is on his way to becoming a successful entrepreneur as well and the boy is even producing his own E-Book that will go live soon! Yes, that's right a 13-year-old boy is developing his own product! If he continues this journey with determination, I guarantee you that he will become a very successful young entrepreneur in a couple years from now! 

Let's start this interview with this blogger and at the end, you will surely be motivated and would want to put more effort into your online business as well!

Inspiring Blogger Interview

Let's start!

Q.1 Hi Pravakar, Please Introduce Yourself To Our Audience.

First of all, Thanks Mujtaba for inviting me to your blog.

So, guys, I am Pravakar Kr. Singh, A 13 years old part-time blogger, Affiliate Marketer, and founder of GeniusBlogging Blog from Nepal.

I love blogging and affiliate marketing. It's my passion to do blogging. Writing helpful content for my readers motivates me to do blogging and create more interesting content on my blog.

Q.2 How Did You Get Into Blogging?

So, Let's go back in May of 2020. At lockdown, I was bored at home/ So, I thought to do something cool & interesting. Then I got an idea about why not earn money online? 

I didn’t think much about it and started searching How to earn money online on the Internet. One day, I saw an interview with a blogger called Umer Qureshi ( Successful Blogger, Affiliate marketer & founder of GuideBlogging.Com ) on the Satish K Videos channel.

In that video, I found blogging. So, Like most of us, I didn't do much research and decided to start a blog.

Then after that, I searched for that Which are the best platforms to do blogging then I found the 2 best platforms. One was Blogger & the other was WordPress.

In the beginning, I started my first blog on Blogger on 25 May 2020 but it was unsuccessful and failed.

This is how I got into blogging!

Q.2 What was your opinion when you heard about Online earning?

When I heard about Online earning then I got excited about earning money online. I tried a lot of ways but 99% of them were fake. Yes, I worked on many earning apps but among them, many were fake apps.

I got demotivated on earning money online. But as I mentioned above, I saw an interview video of Umer Qureshi, I got the motivation and then I started researching about Blogging.

Q.3 Why Blogging, Why Not Freelancing?

Your question is a really good one buddy. I do blogging. I don’t do freelancing. I don’t say that freelancing is bad. I had tried freelancing on sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, etc. But the main problem that I faced was Not getting work because of high competition. I also don’t like freelancing because I have to do work within a limited time. And As you know, I am a student. So, There was less chance to complete my work within time

That’s Why I love blogging more than Freelancing.

Q.4 What was your family's reaction when you started blogging?.

At the start, They didn’t support me as every newbie blogger’s family does. They weren’t happy with my work. But When they saw some of my earning reports then they realized that I am doing right and after that, they started supporting me.

This is totally normal as we all know that our parents are not from this era and they have a lack of trust on online platforms, but as time passes by and you start to find a little success, they will automatically motivate you to do what you love!

Q.5 What do your friends think about your blog and lifestyle?

I have too many friends and basically, My classmates are my real friends. I have told them that I do blogging and earning from it. They believed but didn’t show their reaction. And I know why they didn’t react. The reason is that They don’t Know, what’s Blogging? While talking about lifestyle, I am not from a poor and so rich family. I am from a normal family. They think normal about my lifestyle as I am living.

Q.6 How many successful blogs do you have?

Currently, I am running only one blog, GeniusBlogging. I believe that focusing on one blog is better than running many blogs. Because I do not have much time to manage many blogs. So, I am running only one blog now.

Q.7 How much can a person earn from Blogging ( In your opinion )?

It is not fixed. The more you learn, the more you implement, the more you grow, and the more you earn. 

There are many pro-bloggers in the industry who have been blogging for many years. So, They have experience with blogging and are professionals. They are earning more than $10,000 every month from Blogging. While starting, the best monetization method is AdSense or other ad networks. 

But the main source that many bloggers are earning is Digital marketing and Affiliate marketing.

Conclusion: My Thoughts About Pravakar

So guys I think Pravakar is a wonderful young boy with big dreams. He is gaining a lot of high-value skills by working in this field. 

We should all seek motivation from what e is doing and put more and more effort smartly into our businesses no matter if it is blogging, print, or demand, or whatever. 

Another great thing I love about him is that he is doing proper affiliate marketing and along with that he is also developing his own product, an E-Book. Developing a product is really the start of proper entrepreneurship and your end goal should always be to scale up your business by investing in more and more business models! 

Another great tip he gave was that we should focus on one blog rather than multiple blogs. This is so true! If we have one blog which is getting good results, we should put all our effort into making good high-quality content on that rather than on multiple blogs as it is already quite time-consuming to write consistently on a single blog. 

In this case, your end goal should be to automate your blogging journey by hiring writers. When you make a blog successful and it starts generating a lot of revenue, you should always try to automate that business by hiring writers to do the work for you, so that you can still make decent profit margins and then invest that income in another smarter, much better and profitable business model.

Special thanks to Pravakar, from to take his time and answer all my questions. 

If you enjoyed this interview, please make sure to share it with other friends who could maybe get some motivation and learn more about this field!

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  1. Great coverup. I know Pravakar personally and I admire his passion towards blogging at this Young Stage.
    Soon he will going to be a role-model for many budding entrepreneurs..
    And thanks for exploring him to the world...

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment
      I saw his blog post being ranked on google then when I opened his blog I was quite surprised and couldn't stop myself to ask him for the interview :)

    2. That's Great Indeed! Keep Exploring new bloggers and help their growth as a community. It's all about helping one other with mutual respect and support.
      All the best for this task.