6 Tips To Increase Your Redbubble Sales

If you are a new Redbubble artist out there, then I feel your pain! I know that you guys are getting little to no sales and this can be very discouraging at first. Well, there can be a ton of reasons causing this so today I am giving you the 6 tips to Increase Redbubble Sales. 

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How to increase your redbubble sales

How To Increase Your Redbubble Sales

I am assuming that you have already uploaded a couple of designs and are not getting many views or any sales. So you have to master these 6 tips to increase your Redbubble sales.

    1. Utilize Trends

    If you are new to Redbubble and don't know much about it then let me tell you that it kind of acts like a search engine. The person who has made the most sales will be shown higher in rankings.

    So if you keep on adding regular (not trendy) designs that have thousands of other results already, then who will be able to buy your designs? That's right no one! you getting my point? This is exactly why making trendy designs is so important at the initial stage of your store so that you can easily rank higher for topics that do not have any results. 

    Make more and more designs related to trends that are popping up on an everyday basis and have low competition so that you'll be ranked higher when someone searches those trends. I call them "Micro Trends" as they come and go every day. They are a bit different from normal trends like gaming, Valentine's Day, Halloween, etc. So this will make you more sales and eventually your normal designs that had high competition will automatically start to rank higher making you passive income.

    Keep in mind I am not telling you to rely on trendy designs every single time. You only need to make sales from them so that you can get your other normal designs to rank better which will keep on getting better as time passes. If you only rely on trends then whenever you stop uploading, you'll lose your sales because those "micro trends" come and go every day. So make evergreen designs regularly as well along with trends. 

    Now you might be wondering how do you find trends for redbubble? 

    Well believe it or not it only requires 5 seconds to find everyday trends! there are two basic methods. One is to use a free site (discussed below) which will give you dozens of trends in 1 click or you can use redbubbl'es own search bar that is very time-consuming.

    So the number one method which I personally use as well is to use a site called Bubbletrends. It is basically a free tool that will give you a ton of daily trends from a-z along with their results. So in this way you can focus on the trends that have the lowest competition. I am not their member or affiliate I just happen to use it myself that is why am recommending it to you. 

    Here's another tool that could be useful for Redbubble keyword research called Insights factory bubbletrends.

    The second method is basically to search alphabets from a-z on redbubble's search bar one by one. In this way for example, if I type "a" then redbubble will come up with a couple of topics that are being searched a lot. The problem with this is that it can take a lot of your time and maybe not be worth it for you. So I highly recommend you to use the upper method.

    2. Make Quality and Optimized Designs

    Well, this might seem pretty obvious but believe me so many people ignore this completely. I myself have seen this happen so much and I also used to make this same mistake. 

    The first thing is to make quality designs that at least look good and are worth buying or attract you. Just think about it if your design was ranking number one but had issues such as not centralized properly or the text being so bad, no one would pick yours. So please make sure to make quality designs that are perfectly arranged and are good looking. 

    By the way, if you are using Canva then make sure to use a custom size of 4500x5400. This will be the ideal size for Redbubble products, especially for T-shirts.

    The other important thing is to optimize your design for EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT ON REDBUBBLE. you never know if someone would buy a clock or a scarf for your design. So this can increase your exposure and is definitely worth it.

    3. Stickers: A key to more sales

    Stickers can totally change the way how your store performs. Why? because they are the cheapest products listed on redbubble starting from only $1. People literally have nothing to lose this is dirt cheap. And you know what the best part is? a lot of people completely ignore it which results in poor quality stickers but this is a GOOD THING because you are getting a chance to get more attraction! 

    Just imagine if you are making trendy designs regularly and optimize them for a sticker specifically, then how much more attraction will you get! which obviously means more sales right? I hope you get the idea here. So don't underestimate stickers, if your design is in white color then make a similar design with black or a darker text so that it can be visible on a sticker and use that one separately for stickers.

    4. Lower Commissions

    Lowering your commissions can also play a key role to bring in more sales on redbubble. Most artists on redbubble do not focus to lower the rates. But just imagine if your designs are ranking higher and are good looking and more appealing and if the price is lower than other people would definitely buy your products! 

    Once you have made a couple of sales by using this strategy, you can increase your sales commissions where it was before (20%) or make it higher than that 25% at max. This will bring in more income as you already have made the first couple of sales and your evergreen designs now have started to rank higher so more commission will only bring in more money at that point.

    5. Competitor Analysis

    If you are familiar with blogging and follow my blog, you might have heard this word a lot. Even from others. Competitor analysis is very important not only for blogging but for every single business model.

    Competitor analysis can help you bring more sales in a way that you can make better designs than other people in your targeted trend or topic. Imagine if you are ranking on the first page but your design is the most appealing then no one would stop people to come to your products and maybe buy them!

    Search for the trend that you want to make designs for and see your competitors who are ranking on redbubble. Try your best to make better designs than them. Do not copy them make some minor changes such as changing the text and arrangement style and try to make it more appealing. This will surely help you and if you are following all the other steps mentioned above, who can stop you to make more sales right?

    6. Consistency

    If you have followed all the steps and strategies mentioned above, then consistency is the last that you should be focusing on. If you keep on making good designs with all the (qualities above) then it would be a perfect combo to drive more sales and get more exposure on Redbubble. 

    Making more designs consistently will allow you to get more exposure which obviously results in getting more sales and more rankings. Just keep on doing this until you get to a point where you have made enough sales that all your designs that are both evergreen and trendy are being ranked higher and are bringing consistent income every week.

    When you reach that point, you can lithely stop uploading more designs because you would have done all the work that needed to make your products rank higher, and now they'll keep on getting more sales passively! Just to be safe you can upload one design per month only. But obviously getting to that point is not that easy as you have to put in the work at the initial phase of your Redbubble journey!


    Now I hope you understood all of those 6 tips to increase redbubble sales and hopefully you would implement them yourself too. I know it is a bit hard work but just do it for a couple months then you will see better results and be earning money passively. 

    Every goal or business model requires upfront work implemented smartly. So don't get demotivated along this journey and keep on hustling! 

    Once you have become successful on redbubble, you can use that money to expand your Print on Demand business by making a social media (Instagram in particular) store and do paid promotions and influencer marketing for those products. That will help you to make your own brand and get some recognition online!

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    1. How long does it take to sell on Redbubble?

    For me, it took 2 months to get my first sale and keep in mind I only uploaded 7 designs at that time, but if you upload consistently you can get more sales even in a week!

    2. Is it easy to make money on Redbubble?

    Considering that it is totally free and you only have to upload designs regularly, yes it is easy to earn money on Redbubble if you are willing to do the work.

    3. Is Redbubble good quality?

    The quality and pricing of Redbubble are much better than other popular companies like Teespring.

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