9 Common Beginner Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Common Blogging Mistakes

 Whenever someone discovers the wold of making a living online, Blogging is one of the most common things that most people get into. Some start honing their skills of content writing and SEO optimization, while the majority of them don't even care about learning the basic etiquettes of blogging which causes some common blogging mistakes to occur.

So this article will provide you some beginner blogging mistakes and will also give you the solutions and tips to avoid making such common mistakes during your blogging journey. 

Some people think that it is quite easy to write blog posts but the truth is that they don't know what they are talking about. 

It takes a matter of seconds for someone to call a task easy, the reality is completely opposite and can force them to take their words back.

This sort of behavior completely annoys me. So I did some research and checked out a lot of blogs to see what were the most common mistakes among them. These blogs were of many people I know, and some others on the internet. 

9 Common Blogging Mistakes.

So here are 9 common blogging mistakes that beginners make. 

1.Your Niche Is Too Broad & Competitive.

Choosing a broader, more general niche might seem better to most people as it can give them more exposure, but this is not the case anymore and the reality is totally different. Google has gone way smarter now and prefers to rank blogs that are dedicated toward specific niches, and not only that, t also builds trust and authority among your audience that you are more experienced in this certain niche or field.

In this way, if you dominate one certain niche and produce quality and well-optimized content on it, your users will consider you as the "Expert" in that field and will keep on seeking knowledge and information from your site whenever they feel the need to.

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So not choosing a niche, can be the biggest mistake any new blogger can make in his/her blogging journey, make sure to pick a good niche that interests you and has relatively low competition.

2. Not Focussing On Editing & Basic Errors

When newbies get into blogging, they think that it is as simple as writing random posts or essay stuff, but believe it's not. On average, it takes about 4-6 hours to write 1500+ words, high-quality, well-optimized blog posts. during this time, you have to follow 3 basic steps that are essential to write a high-quality post Write, Proofread, and finally Publish.

So in order to give yourself a professional look, you should not publish your content write after writing it, spend some more time to arrange it properly in the form of paragraphs. Here are some things you should do before pressing the publishing button:

  • Paragraphing
  • Optimizing For Featured Snippets
  • Correct all the grammar and spelling mistakes ( I recommend using Grammarly to make your life easier, it's free!)
  • Adding pictures
  • Internal Linking

Arranging your content in proper paragraphs, each one being a maximum of 6 lines,  can play a huge role in making your content look more professional and well written. Not only that, if you have affiliate links in that article and if it is well arranged, free of any basic errors, and is paragraphed nicely, people will trust your content more that can lead to more sales!

Optimizing For Featured Snippets

Optimizing your well-written, high-quality content for featured snippets can also be very useful if you want to rank higher. It only takes 5 minutes to do that after writing all your content, just try not to press the publish button right after your finish writing. Spend the last 5 minutes to optimize for featured snippets. Five minutes of work can help you rank much better.

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Grammar & Spelling Mistakes

If you're a blogger and seriously hate and find it super annoying to spend so much time correcting basic errors after writing, then I feel your pain, this is the most boring part of writing. Well-written, error-free content can make you look more professional as I mentioned above as well, and has the potential to drive more affiliate sales just because of the fact that people would trust you more if you have well-written and error-free arranged content.

To make my life much easier and locate all of the errors, I and thousands of other bloggers use Grammarly, it checks for more than 250+ errors including grammar, spelling, writing style, and much more, and heck, it even gives you a score of how your content feels. The best part is that It has zero charges. Click the button below and get it for free!

Using Pictures

Using pictures in your content can change the way it looks and makes it much more engaging to your audience. Adding pictures lies in the second step of producing content (editing). You can either use free sites like pixabay or pexels to get non copyrighted images related to your niche or you can simply make your own by using free software called Canva. 

Not only that, but images are also a part of SEO as they also rank in Google for specific keywords, add the most suitable images in your content then enter alt text and title to do image SEO so that it can also rank in Google on those words.

Internal linking

Internal linking basically means linking to related pages of the same domain. So if you are writing an article on a specific keyword, and you have another similar article published on your blog, linking to that one will be considered "Internal Linking". Internal linking plays an important role for easier navigation and can also help different pages rank better on Google as it passes page authority. 

3. Not Taking The Advantage Of Answer Targets

The tip that I'm sharing with you is one of the most common blogging mistakes. Very few YouTubers or bloggers tell you this amazing tip. 

If you are writing a list blog post, such as "Best Dji Drones" then always try to add more than 9 subheadings. Why? you might ask? well because Google takes them as an answer target and ranks them n featured snippets. But why exactly 9? Well, this is where it gets interesting. The answer targets you see in Google's snippets are shown in a list format in numbers. If you have created more than 9 headings or answers, then Google will display a small "More Items" button under that snippet. 

This will increase your click-through rate when your article starts raining high. When someone sees a featured snippet with let's say 5 answer targets, they would generally not click your article as they already got what they needed, but if you have more than 9 answers or headings, that more items button will allow more clicks to appear on that article. I learned this tip from Income School youtube channel, they have an amazing format for explaining stuff about blogging and SEO.

4. Not Doing Proper KKeyword Research

Under this section, I won't waste your time and tell you to go for long-tail keywords and stuff you already know, instead I'm about to share a strategy for keyword research that will help you rank your article in 24 hours after it is indexed! YES, THIS IS TRUE.

Doing keyword research and using long-tail keywords is extremely important for On-Page SEO, but there's nothing new to know here, you might've already heard about this stuff before, but there's a great strategy to do this the right way especially if you have a new blog or website.

This strategy is called KGR (keyword golden ratio) and helps you find keywords with decent search volume but fewer search results. Just pick a long-tail keyword and type it in your tool (such as Ubersugest) then check out its search volume. Now open Google and type in the search bar allintitle:your keyword here. When you enter your keyword after allintitle, Google will display the number of allintitle search results. Make sure that the number is below 250 now there is only one more step left. 

After that divide #allintitle results/Search volume. If you get a value of 0.25 or below and greater than 1.00 then you should write an article on that keyword and once it is indexed, it has the potential to rank high, usually on the 3rd page or less, right after it gets indexed. 

I have personally used this strategy and as proof, you can search "How to increase redbubble sales" and my article started ranking on number 11 right after it was indexed.

5. Focusing Too Much On Backlinks

This is also one of the most common blogging mistakes that I personally used to do. New bloggers generally tend to focus more on making backlinks and not on more high-quality content. This is extremely wrong. Yes, backlinks are important I know, but when you are new to this, making high-quality backlinks is extremely difficult, especially o follow ones. Due to this people start buying backlinks from Fiverr which is bad for your sie as it is against Google's terms.

If you really want to play it safe and want to get more organic traffic, you should focus more on producing high-quality content that has been well optimized. Do this consistently until you have reached at least 50 posts on your bog because that is the time when you really start to see some traffic from Google. After you reach this milestone, you can then focus on making backlinks for that content and instead of writing 4 articles per week, you can shift to 2 per week, depending on how competitive your niche is.

6. Choosing a Bad Web Hosting

Web hosting is basically the internal structure of your house. If it is weak then it will be prone to more issues, similarly, if your web hosting is slow and has limited features, then you will face some issues such as low rankings due to page time being too high, etc. 

So if you are serious about your blog, then pick a good web hosting service that has great features, high uptime, and much more at a fairly low price. Don't choose the hosting services that offer limited bandwidth, limited storage, and absolutely never go with the providers that offer free hosting service, it would always be bad for your site and make it super slow 

Read this article "Tips to choose the right web hosting" if you are really serious about blogging and want to know about the best web hosting provider.

7. Stressing Yourself Due To Low Traffic

This is by far absolutely the worst and most common blogging mistake.  Almost every single person new to blogging does this and constantly checks the stats and views of their site again and again, and when they don't see much traffic even though they have done proper SEO and stuff, they get stressed and end up quitting their blogging journey.

Let me make it very clear that you won't see many high rankings and organic traffic till the first 6-8 months of blogging. If you have a new blog on a new domain, it takes more than 6 months on average for your articles to start ranking. This is exactly why using low competition keywords is recommended for new bloggers.

So please stop stressing yourself on the stats and instead of that do proper keyword research and use the KGR method that I told you above, to at least rank for low competition keywords.

8. Going For Quantity Over Quality

Most new bloggers do this mistake when they get to know that a new blog starts to get some rankings once they have more than 50 posts. They start publishing a lot of blog posts per week but what they don't do are proper research and quality content. They just type their keywords in google then try to write similar content of the sites that are already being ranked high. 

This is a huge mistaker in blogging. Google is always looking for better and updated content, it doesn't want to show all the same things again and again. So even if you are writing content similar to the ones that are already ranking high and are your competitors, at least write better than them. Optimize your content for snippets, give more answer targets than them, make use of a table of contents if they haven't done that, use videos in your content if they haven't done that, all of this along with more helpful and truly meaningful content will rank better than them.

So if you really want to rank better, then focus on both quality and quantity. Because in the first few months of your blogging journey, you need at least 50 high-quality posts to see good traffic and affiliate sales to show up. You should write high-quality content consistently till you reach those 50 posts, then you can take a break and maybe shift to 2 articles per week only. 

So combine both quality and quantity to really nail it!

9. Not Using Social Media & Forums

If you are starting out with a new blog or website, you can take the advantage of social media and forums related to your niche to drive the initial traffic. 

I know that it is quite hard to drive traffic from Instagram or Facebook if your page is also new, but I'm t talking about that. Yes, that is also helpful but I'm talking about Pinterest. 

Pinterest can be very useful if you are producing content that interests females more. This can include a lot of niches such as fashion, home decor, skating, anime, etc.. But why am I telling you this? Well because 77.1% of the audience on Pinterest are females. So if you have a blog related to their interests, then using Pinterest and uploading pins related to it consistently can drive thousands of visitors to your blog. 

However if for example, you have a blog related to cars, tech, business, etc. this strategy might not work because only about 14% audience on Pinterest is males, so keep that in mind, and even if you do have content that interests females, you will need to be consistent on Pinterest as well to really nail it.

Another common mistake that people do is not using forums. Forums can be a great way to get traffic as you can answer questions that are of your niche and can link back to your article in that answer to get clicks from these forums. I have also used quora and some other forums. Quora is one of the biggest forums that you can use so must check that out as well. 


So here you go! These were the 9 most common blogging mistakes that beginner bloggers usually make I also gave you the tips to avoid them and get better at blogging. Hopefully, this was helpful and you learned something new today.

Please share this article with a friend who is new to blogging or wants to learn something new, it only takes 5 seconds:)

Comment below if you agree and tell us what mistakes you used to do in your blogging journey, or are still doing, I would love to have a chat!

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