Fiverr Backlinks Review: Never Buy Them (Personal Experience)

 If you are new to SEO and Blogging, I can say for sure that you might have stumbled across Fiverr and seen gigs that promise to deliver high DA do-follow backlinks, and have almost 5 star fully satisfied reviews and as a result, you are now convinced and are wanting to buy backlinks from Fiverr so here is my Fiverr backlinks review.

Buying backlinks from fiverr

All those services promise better Google rankings and stuff like that and are surprisingly super cheap, like dirt cheap usually around 5-$30. 

I also fell into the same trap and ended up buying dozens of backlinks from Fiverr. I bought them from different gigs and sellers and usually, all of them offered 100-300 high DA backlinks within the period of 3 days and they all had almost 5-star ratings and reviews that could convince any new person in this field to buy them.

Here's a video that explains why buying backlinks and link building won't work.

All the backlinks were purchased from Fiverr and almost all of them were promising 100% manual work and believe it or not one of those gigs was actually offering 40+ free backlinks as a gift! I thought wow this must be cool and will help my site grow faster as the reviews were also pretty satisfying, but oh I was so wrong!

About These Services

Each and every single one of these services offers to give a lot of backlinks from usually DA 50+ sites and 100% customer satisfaction along with high Google rankings. The worst part is that they all have almost 5 start ratings that cause new people, who don't know much about SEO to fall into this trap and waste their money on these gigs. 

I also did the same mistake and bought dozens of backlinks from Fiverr all from multiple gigs. Most newbies believe that a higher number of backlinks matter the most and only they help to rank better, but this is not true anymore! Google has now gone way smarter than you think. Google can identify if you bought backlinks and can penalize your site if they are from spammy sources and seem unnatural. As a result, your rankings will completely go down and will have a sudden drop in traffic.

Result Of Buying Backlinks From Fiverr

After paying the amount and giving the sellers a list of keywords and a domain name, they all delivered the order within 2-3 days.

Usually, the sellers delivered exactly what they promised and had excellent customer support with an average response time of less than 1 hour. After the completion of the order, all of them gave a document that displayed a list of backlinks from all the sites that were used.

All of this feels quite satisfying to newbies and they all end up giving them a 5-star review just because of the number of backlinks given (without checking and inspecting them personally) and excellent customer support. This is exactly why they all have high ratings. 

But things change a lot and get worse if you look at all of the backlinks closely and inspect each and every one of them.

Their Quality

I noticed that only 2% of links were related to my niche and most of the links were no-follow, were from comments, and were on sites that had different languages. Almost all of them were comment backlinks and after more inspection, I found out that all those sites had comment sections full of spammy links, which means that those sites are not blocking bots to comment.

This raises a red flag that all the; links that I bought were generated from automated tools like ScrapeBox that is used to spam comment sections of blog posts to get links. This is absolutely terrible for your SEO and can cause your site to be penalized by Google. 

I checked many of those sites from the Domain authority checker tool and found out that yes, their DA was high but had a lot of spam scores. I also used the Ahrefs backlink checker and saw that most of them were from sites that are not related to my niche at all, and were of different languages. This itself can also cause trouble as Google can figure out that you have intentionally created those irrelevant links to cheat Google's algorithm.

The worst part is that most backlinks were no-follow and were comment based. These type of links are not worth anything as they don't produce link juice anymore and will not increase your SEO, instead can harm your site and its rankings.


So after personally experimenting and buying a lot of backlinks from Fiverr, I can confidently say that you will probably see something like this:

  • Most of them will be no-follow.
  • They will come from poorly managed sites with a lot of spam scores and full of spammy comment sections.
  • They will probably be comment based links or will be from sites not relevant to your niche and will provide 0 link juice and won't be good for rankings.
  • Best case scenario: you'll see an increase in your DA but won't actually see better rankings or even if you do, it'll only be for a short period of time and your traffic will suddenly drop & will take a long time to recover.

Is It Worth Buying Backlinks From Fiverr

So after buying backlinks from Fiverr, I can confidentially say that No! you should never focus on these shortcuts, instead produce high-quality, helpful, and well-researched content to gain natural backlinks along that do guest posting to get backlinks from high authority sites.

Buying backlinks from Fiverr will not work and even if it does, it will only be for a short period of time and your site can get penalized by Google and takes a lot of time to recover. So you can consider that it is a total waste of money and time.

So here was my Fiverr backlinks review and hopefully, now you know why you should buy backlinks from Fiverr. It is not that easy to build useful backlinks from high authority sites. Making more quality content along with consistency will have a better and long-term effect on your site and its rankings. However, if you still want to get backlinks, you can always do guest posting on high authority sites and get links from them. 

2 backlinks from high authority sites are always much better than thousand low-quality backlinks.

Focus more on keyword research and use the best practices to make high-quality content. Read these helpful articles to learn proper keyword research and tips to rank better.

If you are also a person who bought backlinks from Fiverr, then please do share your experience below in the comment section, we would love to read them!

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  1. Hi Mujtaba,
    thanks a lot for your hones review here. I was going to try buying lnks from Fiver, but now I won't.

    1. Hi Nikola! Really glad to hear that I was able to help you out. Thanks a lot for leaving a comment, wish you a great blogging journey!