Who Is Mujtaba Bin Tahir?

Hello there! I am Mujtaba Bin Tahir, the founder, and owner of Seekerbay who is a professional blogger and an online entrepreneur. I started my journey in this field back in 2016 when I was only a 10-year-old boy and made my first blog that failed badly because, at that time, I had no idea of what I was doing so I quit it. 

Then after a couple years, I made my own Instagram car page that worked very well for me and when I got over 1500 followers, I thought to myself maybe I can sell my own products on this page one day. So I searched on google on how to make money from Instagram pages then I entered the print on demand industry in which you can sell your own custom-designed merch to your followers. So that turned out great. I learned graphic designing for T-shirts and merch and a lot more. Simultaneously I was also working on my blog which was related to tech. At that time I knew a lot about blogging but not enough to make money and get more views and I didn't know about SEO that much either. So that blog also failed as I got too much stressed about not getting any traffic. So after a couple days, I learned SEO and all the ways to increase traffic for a website especially a new one.

So after learning all that I started another blog which is this seekerbay and implemented all the skills that I learned along my journey and found a lot of hope. Now thankfully it has turned out great and right now my website is only 3 months old November 2nd, 2020 and I am getting enough traffic to generate some bucks only in 3 months. Hopefully, in a couple of years, I will be able to reach my goal of making more than $500 per month from this site.  

My Mission:

I am looking forward to teaching you and help as many students as I can what I have learned in this journey so that you can do something productive in your spare time and eventually make a living online. Maybe I'll be able to help you make a couple bucks. I highly suggest you start your blog today after reading my completing blogging guide. 

About Seekerbay

What Is Seekerbay?

Seekerbay, founded by Mujtaba Bin Tahir, is a platform for honing your skills of Blogging, SEO, and Print on Demand so that you can start your own successful online business journey!

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